İstanbul Economics Services İstanbul Economics Services


We offer a range of services that are backed by primary research and renowned forward-looking insight at the intersection of economics, politics and business.

  • Actively monitoring regulatory, industry and political trends, including short, medium and long-term forecasts on expected changes and impact on business 
  • Strictly following all draft and amending regulations and providing feedback directly to the regulatory authority
  • Market-specific and above-market stakeholder mapping and relationship-building both at the local and international level, including public and private sectors, civil society, think-tanks, international organizations or academia
  • High-level engagements with targeted local public sector stakeholders
  • Establishment of a local network of policy partners
  • Preparation of position papers and backgrounders with support from the Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM)

Our study on the growth impact of high taxation on mobile services was used to shift policy towards a decrease in mobile taxation.

  • Preparation of speaking points, briefing notes and position papers for internal and external communications that are backed up by data and relevant international best practices
  • An integrated analysis of financial, regulatory and competition aspects to determine the optimal market entry strategy leveraging our government and private sector expertise
  • Identification of local companies for potential merger or acquisitions
  • Evaluation of all relevant conditions for a greenfield investment
  • Assistance in the implementation of the selected market entry strategy involving all aspects related to the planned transaction and relations with government authorities

We carried out a detailed market and regulatory study for a GSM operator to acquire a license in Turkey.

  • Academically sound, objective and reputable sectoral, regulatory and micro-economic analysis that have a bearing on public policies

We delivered a modeling of the Turkish energy market, an impact analysis of the intellectual property rights on foreign direct investment flows, an evaluation on the size of the informal economy, an economic impact assessment for Istanbul’s third airport, a comprehensive impact assessment for a new trade agreement, a post-merger market structure analysis for competition law purposes and many more.

  • International trade related services including advice on anti-dumping and other trade defense measures and elimination of non-tariff measures affecting imports and other issues in consideration of the Turkey-EU Union and the World Trade Organization obligations
  • Independent economic studies, reports and analysis on ongoing competition and trade law cases

We were the first consultancy firm in Turkey to successfully invoke the application of countervailing duties to protect the economic interests of a client.