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We offer a range of services that are backed by primary research and renowned forward-looking insight at the intersection of economics, politics and business.

We sharpen business strategies through continuous surveillance of areas crucial to competitiveness. Through expert analysis, we guide businesses across Turkey’s fluctuating political scene, laying the groundwork for proactive public affairs planning.

Big picture

Covering both the domestic and international spectrum, our monitoring encompasses Turkey’s domestic political, foreign policy, economic landscapes, as well as the broader business and investment climate as well as regulatory affairs. We also integrate international news coverages and monthly public opinion poll outcomes.

Decoding the complex

Our updates merge analysis with firsthand intelligence, ensuring clarity and actionable insights. This refined information equips our clients for strategic public affairs positioning.

Fully customized content with targeted regional focus

We zoom in on client-specific interests. This includes direct sectoral developments, like legislative shifts, public sector transitions, significant sectoral happenings, competitor activities such as M&As, and pertinent third-party studies.

Selected experience:

Alerted a client in advance regarding a potential legislative change of critical consequence

Regular monitoring reports utilized for clients’ internal country assessments and reporting

With deep insights into political processes and key players, we deliver timely advisories. Our tailored counsel empowers clients to not only navigate but also sculpt the policy environment, ensuring a dominant stance in regulatory discussions.

Strategy: crafting winning arguments and approaches

We ensure our clients’ government relations strategies reflect a deep understanding of underlying political and policy dynamics. Identifying the right contacts and conducting independent fact-finding, we advise on tailored engagement methods – from one-on-one meetings to alliances and events. Our innovative content, including international benchmarks and connections to EU-Turkey Customs Union or WTO obligations, equips clients with robust negotiating tools. Upon request, we execute briefings to assess the impacts of significant political or policy changes on clients’ public affairs priorities.

Implementation: building lasting partnerships based on transparency and trust

Leveraging our expansive network developed over decades, we initiate and foster dialogues with relevant stakeholders. Our support extends to crafting new collaborative structures, such as roundtables or events, that simultaneously offer a platform for influential thought leadership on vital issues.

Selected experience:

Actively assisted government relations and compliance during the pivotal social media law amendments of 2020 and 2022

Blending trend-centric content with pioneering initiatives, we uplift thought leadership and craft purpose driven engagements. We optimize established channels and create fresh international links to bolster CEO visibility and brand impact.

Empowering thought leadership through distinguished content

Harnessing our deep expertise, we refine governance and innovate content to bolster our client’s affiliations in pivotal national and international NGOs and business networks. We champion our client’s executives to ascend as influential thought leaders on platforms such as B20 or WEF, also using discussion papers and blog posts.

Boosting national and international presence with impactful partnerships

We elevate our client’s stature on both national and global arenas, guiding their engagement in pivotal dialogues and nurturing partnerships with premier think-tanks and international institutions.

Reporting on evolving regional and global trends

We provide regular, tailored briefings on essential political and economic trends, focusing on regional and global developments such as Turkey-EU and Turkey-US relations. Our meticulous preparation includes current status assessments and anticipatory insights into bilateral relationships, offering strategic foresight for planned interactions with foreign entities.

Selected experience:

Positioned a client on the advisory board of a globally recognized think-tank

Defined and streamlined the strategic direction and board-level responsibilities for a local think-tank under our client's leadership

Provided novel content to B20 working groups where our client participated

Offering academically rigorous, objective, and reputable analyses spanning sectors and regulations, we craft clear narratives for clients, paving the way for public affairs and public relations wins. This foundation amplifies your voice during pivotal public sector engagements.

Examples include:

Economic impact study for Istanbul’s new airport

Economic impact study for the TurkStream pipeline

Economic impact study for the ticket restaurant system

Regulatory gap analysis for the pharmaceuticals industry

Study on the correlation between IPR and FDI

Selected experience:

Study on the impact of high taxation shifted policy towards a decrease in mobile taxation

We offer clear direction on anti-dumping and other trade defense measures, elimination of non-tariff measures, and deliver independent economic studies, reports and analysis on ongoing competition and trade law cases.

Examples include:

Impact analysis of trade agreements

Drafting positions and participating in international trade negotiations supporting the iron and steel industry

Study on an enhanced Turkey-EU trade and investment agenda

Study on an enhanced Turkey-US trade and investment agenda

Selected experience:

First consultancy firm in Turkey to invoke the application of countervailing duties

Our deep-rooted comprehension of the business landscape, inclusive of key stakeholders, is paired with personalized efforts to bridge you with prospective local collaborators.

Selected experience:

Facilitated successful M&As across food, hospitality and packaging industries