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Established in 2003, Istanbul Economics is the leading public affairs and corporate advisory strategy firm with an in-depth understanding of local dynamics and trusted global reach through its effective affiliation with FTI Consulting since 2013. Our solutions provide actionable intelligence and strategic guidance to seize opportunities, manage risks and gain from the onset a genuine competitive edge in the Turkish market.

Our strength lies in our global-local linkage, which is reflected in our clientele, modus operandi and leadership. 

We are trusted by a diverse client base, including top multinational and local companies, trade and business associations and government agencies. We operate between the global and the local, offering “global to local” strategies for multinational clients and “local to global” strategies for local clients. We distinguish ourselves by our talent; our leadership has proven recognition at the highest levels of global business, diplomacy and policy-making with first-hand extensive experience in both public and private sectors. Our thought-leadership drives local and global public opinion on public policy issues.